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Story of Coffee and Coffee Clay

New Zealand coffee consumption

In New Zealand, we have a strong favour towards espresso-based drinks. According to, New Zealand’s coffee consumption per capita marked 0.94 cups per day in 2015*, and the trend is going stronger. Considering that an average of 11 -14 grams of fresh-ground coffee goes into each cup, New Zealand alone is responsible for at least 53 tonnes of waste coffee grounds per day. 


Once coffee’s been brewed what happens to all those spent grounds? 


Typically, the vast majority of used coffee grounds are dumped into general waste and sent to landfill. And these waste coffee grounds emit methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 


On the other hand, used coffee grounds are great sustainable resources. When we brew freshly ground coffee, we only use 0.2% of the compounds and used coffee grounds still retain a volatile aroma and a range of beneficial chemical compounds. They can be used in various ways to replace synthetic materials like plastic.


We focus on their hidden values. We give them a new life and share the benefits with our communities. 


About coffee clay

Coffee clay is composed of 100% natural ingredients, mainly used coffee grounds. The use of all-natural ingredients makes it safe for our children as well as our environment.


Our coffee clay still retains a volatile coffee aroma.

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